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Snowplow is a global open source company with offices in London and Boston. Our Mission is to empower data teams to build a strategic data capability that delivers high-quality, complete, and relevant data across the business.


Our users and customers use Snowplow for numerous use cases – from web and mobile analytics to advanced analytics and the production of AI & ML ready data, whilst maintaining data privacy compliance. Our customers reflect the diversity of use cases that Snowplow solves and includes Strava, The Wall Street Journal, CapitalOne, WeTransfer, Nordstrom, DataDog, Auto Trader, GitLab and many more.

Open Source

Snowplow started as an open source project and retains a commitment to an open source first strategy. Our Github project represents 700,000 hours of open source development and has 9,400 plus stars and over 10,000 installations.


Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform is a bespoke and fully managed Snowplow platform deployed securely in your cloud. BDP enables organisations to generate, govern and model behavioral data at scale.


Like MeasureCamp, Snowplow is 10 years old, having been founded in 2012 by Yali Sassoon and Alex Dean with the goal of enabling companies to collect their granular behavioral data for themselves, in their own cloud account, so that data analysts and scientists could free themselves from the constraints imposed by the web analytics vendors. The goal has always been to enable organisations to drive significant value and competitive advantage from behavioral data.





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