Saturday 19 Jun, 2021

Starting at 9:00am



Attendees & Organisers

Since 2012, MeasureCamp has been wow-ing the web analytics world. Previous iterations have been attended by the best in the analytics industry, from senior-level people from client- and agency-side to those just starting out. Many analytics practitioners consider it the best analytics conference, with the best content and view it as an integral part of their continued learning.

Whether you’re on the first rung of the career ladder or nearer the top, MeasureCamp is inclusive and its attendees are diverse. It is open forum where you have the chance to share best practices, learn something new or discuss key issues facing the analytics industry.

Tickets are snapped up in seconds with each release and people often travel from all over the world to attend.

Organising Committee

Nicole Strand

Unity Technologies

Jomar Reyes

IIH Nordic

Robert Børlum-Bach


Emil Traczyk

IIH Nordic

Anton Tikjøb Hagedorn

Precis Digital