Saturday 08 Jun, 2024

Starting at 9:00am

Aller Huset

Havneholmen 33 1561 Copenhagen K

I ❤️ MeasurecampCPH

I’ll say it before, and I’ll say it again: Measurecamp Copenhagen is one of the highlights of my year, both in the professional and personal sense. 

I first heard of Measurecamp during a Web Analytics Wednesday CPH announcement back in 2017, as they were looking for volunteers to join the steering committee to bring the event to the Nordics for the first time. I was on maternity leave at the time and going a bit stir crazy without anything ‘professional’ to do (there are only so many times I can sing about Incy Wincy Spider climbing up the sodding water spout to a 5 month old), so off went an email to Jomar and boom, I’m part of the team. At this point I didn’t know know of the vastness and the ‘tight-knitedness’ of the analytics community, let alone anything about Measurecamp – but the more I learnt about both, the more I intrigued and excited I got, despite the fact I was, in my head, “just a marketer” (Measurecamp isn’t just for analysts, data engineers, or implementation specialists, btw).

Original Measurecamp CPH crew, 2017

I’d never experienced an event like it. It was so different to every single industry event I’d been to so far where the room tends to be divided into Speakers and Attendees. Measurecamp, very deliberately, levels out the playing field so whilst there are well known people in attendance, there is no hierarchy and it is flexible AF. You want to hold a talk in a room that holds 70 people? Go for it. Or do you, like me, prefer holding smaller discussions in a room that holds more like 12 people? All good. Anything goes. 

Measurecamp is a place where I feel confident enough to throw my thoughts, no matter how loosely organised they are, out there into the ring for discussion to see if those ideas hold weight. But more importantly for me, Measurecamp is also a place where I look forward to hearing a lot of people who are way smarter than me talk about things of interest to them and to me. I come away each year with a new piece of knowledge, or a couple of new thoughts to chew on. 

I realise a lot of this can be applied to Measurecamp in general, and not just Measurecamp CPH. But Measurecamp CPH has been the only one I’ve been to, and – probably due to being on the original organising committee – it just feels like my ‘basecamp’ and probably always will, even if I moved to Antarctica. People fly into Copenhagen from all over the world, and every time the we gather in CPH for that one Saturday a year, it feels like I’m welcoming people into our (wonderully nerdy, and may that never ever change) home. It’s genuinely something special to me. 

Next ticket release is on 11th May, 12pm CET – come join me and the rest of the wonderful community there. It’s awesome, I promise. Bookmark it. Get a ticket.

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