Saturday 19 Aug, 2017

Starting at 9.00


Sankt Annæ Pl. 28, København K, 1250


Prepare for a day full of networking, knowledge sharing and fun!

MeasureCamp is an unconference – this means that there are no sessions scheduled beforehand and no set presenters. The Session Board starts the day off blank.

Anyone can run a session in any format, it can be a presentation, a discussion or even a gameshow.  When the board is opened, people claim a timeslot and room by adding their Session Card to the Session Board and the schedule for MeasureCamp is set. Yes, it’s chaotic… but it’s also great!

You can get more information on Session cards and download a blank version yourself from this page.  Sessions can also be submitted in advance from this form, we will publish these online for feedback and print out a copy for the day.


Registration and breakfast


Welcome and session board opens


DIrektør by Winnie Christoffersen

Why do gov. it-projects so often fail?

At 11:10-11:40 in Room 5 ( Minneapolis) room.

Data Wanted by Hector Martinez

Public search data image repos, weather APIs,... Where can we find interesting datasets for data science / machine learning

At 11:10-11:40 in Room 2 (Aarhus) room.

Use of microevents to measure success by Sarah vos Thrysøe

Which types of events/goals do you use to measure the success of a single webpage/blogpost?

At 11:10-11:40 in Room 3 (Sydney) room.

Tealium Helper Tags by Peter Meyer

A discussion about availible helper tools for implementing and deploying Tealium iQ

At 11:10-11:40 in Room 4 (London) room.

Data Quality - Filter out the noise by Claes Methling

- Internal traffic
- Robot traffic.
We want real human visitor data

At 11:10-11:40 in Room 6 (New York) room.


Datalayer standards by Casper Radil

Where are we going with datalayer standards? What happened to the W3C whitepaper? Should we have standards?

At 11:45-12:15 in Room 2 room.

Tagging single page applications by Alban Gerome

Discussion/demo of Kermit an open source JS framework for your angular page (or not)

At 11:45-12:15 in Room 3 (Sydney) room.

Streaming GA events data into BigQuery ('s journey) by Lars Gundersen

- No Sampling
- More realtime
- Flexibility
- Just damn cool

At 11:45-12:15 in Room 4 (London) room.

What are the best ways to measure online video? by Jomar Reyes

I'll walk through who video is making a big impact online and why. But how should we measure this? What should we measure? When should we measure?

At 11:45-12:15 in Room 6 (New York) room.

Analytics in the value chain of comms. measurement by Jesper Andersen

Online analytics are only a small (but important) part of measuring new communication creates a business impact. Perspectives from a PR measurement guy

At 11:45-12:15 in Room 5 (Minneapolis) room.


Is BigQuery the answer to all digital analytics prayers? by Mark Edmondson

Big Query has helped solve a lot of problems in my work flow - coild it do the same for you? Go through problems and a BQ solution - are there better ways out there?

At 12:20-12:55 in Room 1 (Mainhall) room.

IoT and analytics by Simon Enjavi

how the internet of things is developing and taking over the old technologies .. How it affects the strategies?

At 12:20-12:55 in Room 2 (Aarhus) room.

Industry analytics solutions? by Jens Peder Pedersen

How do we most effectivelly build an analytics solution for a specifc industry?

At 12:20-12:55 in Room 4 (London) room.

The current and future persona of web analytics? by Christoffer

- Type
⁃ Job position
⁃ Characteristics
⁃ Use of web analytics
- How? Why? When?
⁃ Interest?

At 12:20-12:55 in Room 6 (New York) room.




Analytics eco-system in marketing automation/campaign management context by Bo Reenberg

Inspiration wanted on
⁃ How to bridge analytics with campaign development / execution
⁃ How to combine data, flows and content
⁃ In a smarter, more efficient and more automated wat
Please come share dos, and donts and best practices and cases

At 14:00-14:30 in Room 2 (Aarhus) room.

Event tagging and meta data in the age of APIs by Astrid Illum

Where does the complexity of the event tagging and meta data belong=
⁃ web dev or TEM/analytics dev?
⁃ The API oriented web architecture might leverage a higher flexibility for this question + shorter dev time for new tracking

At 14:00-14:30 in Room 3 (Sydney) room.

What is GA SuperProxy? by Lars Gundersen

Get to know GA SuperProxy
⁃ Publicity / share your GA data
⁃ GA API caching
⁃ More GA API flexibility

At 14:00-14:30 in Room 4 (London) room.

Importing and utilizing offline data in digital analytics by Martin Munk Nielsen

Let's have a talk about seeing beyond our websites when we're woking with understanding user experiences & KPIs. I'll share some real life examples

At 14:00-14:30 in Room 6 (New York) room.


Google Analytics crash course by Peter O'Neill

25 tips in 30 mins across a range of areas

At 14:35-15:05 in Room 1 (Mainhall) room.

Multiserving SEO and PPC in the Google real estate by Kent Stefan Flot

How to measure the success of dominating the whole Google real estate with multiple domains

At 14:35-15:05 in Room 3 (Sydney) room.

TMS SDK + VendorJS or Vendor SDK by Rune Andersen

Pros and cons using a TMS SDK in apps with vendor JS tags, or using VendorSDK

At 14:35-15:05 in Room 4 (London) room.




GDPR, what will happen by Marcus Bjerring

An open discussion about the changes GDPR will bring

At 15:35-16:05 in Room 2 (Aarhus) room.

Form submits vs Thank you pages by Erik Lissel

How do we most accurately measure the most important thing on a web page? How do you handle form validations?

At 15:35-16:05 in Room 3 (Sydney) room.

The future of behavioural analytics by Stephanie

Open discussion about the future of behavioural analytics. What will we measure? What tools will we use?

At 15:35-16:05 in Room 4 (London) room.

Getting started with data visualisations by Robert Børlum-Bach

Let's log in to Google Data Studio and discuss best practices.

At 15:35-16:05 in Room 5 (Minneapolis) room.

Women in analytics by Nicola Strand

Discussion to hear the community's thoughts on women in the industry. Any advice for woman wanting to break into analytics?

At 15:35-16:05 in Room 2 (Aarhus) room.

Analytics in the value chain of comms. measurement by Jesper Andersen

Online analytics are only a small (but important) part of measuring new communication creates a business impact. Perspectives from a PR measurement guy

At 15:35-16:05 in Room 6 (New York) room.

16:10 - 16:40

Analytics therapy by Peter O'Neill

Share your pain and frustrations in a safe place.

At 16:10 - 16:40 in Room 3 (Sydney) room.

Agile data science by Moses Arthur

Agile data design

At 16:10 - 16:40 in Room 6 (New York) room.

16:40 - 18:00

Wrap up and drinks





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