Saturday 19 Aug, 2017

Starting at 9.00


Sankt Annæ Pl. 28, København K, 1250


Expect unexpected outcomes at MeasureCamp

5 July 2017 07.58
We chatted with Ivan Bager from Copenhagen MeasureCamp sponsor and host Siteimprove in their Copenhagen office to learn more about MeasureCamp and why he finds it valuable. Ivan is the Director of Innovation for Siteimprove and has attended roughly a bazillion MeasureCamps, by his estimation.
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Should I go to MeasureCamp?

3 July 2017 10.39
A question that has come up when talking about MeasureCamp Copenhagen is: who is MeasureCamp for? The answer is short and sweet – anyone! No matter whether you’re an experienced guru or new to the world of analytics, you can be sure that there’ll be something for you at MeasureCamp!
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